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20. It is Up to You to Interpret the Code

The stoner grew weary and returned to his smoking spot in the woods. He took out a single page of rolling paper and his bag of trees, now almost empty. He broke up the last of his trees with his hands, and he sprinkled them onto a page. He rolled it up and licked it […]

19. Lighters Come and Go

“I lose lighters all the time,” said a friend to the stoner. “Where do they go?” “There are many theories,” the stoner replied. “Some say one pothead takes them all. Others say that the lighter companies send teams of people to retrieve them. And still others say that this is one of the 420 mysteries […]

18. Know When Not to Fly, But Never Wish to Fall

The stoner had a meeting with the men in suits, so he planned not to smoke beforehand, for this is the 18th Rule of Thumb: Know when not to fly. So he put away his pipes and his trees and he kept them out of sight, for it is not good to resist temptation, but […]

17. If Someone Flies Too High, Help Them Safely Land

The stoner and his friends were celebrating a beautiful day. So the stoner refilled his bong with fresh water and packed the bowl heavy with green. When it was ready, he passed the bong and a lighter to the left. One of the friends did not have much experience with a bong, and so the […]

16. To Make Friends, Make Munchies

One of the stoner’s friends liked to smoke, but he never had trees. However, whenever the stoner smoked him out, this friend would make the munchies. He could cook all manner of foods: from sandwiches, to soups, to stews, to curries, dips, salads, pastas, and pizzas, French fries, stir fries, apple pies, waffles, cakes, kabobs, […]

15. Let Trees Have Leaves

The stoner had a friend he used to smoke with every day, but he had not seen him in weeks. When the friend finally came over, the stoner packed a bowl in his honor, carefully crumbling and packing the trees. He passed the pipe to his friend, and his friend said, “No thanks.” The stoner […]

14. Buy Like a Dealer, Deal Like a Buyer

One night, a snow storm froze the town. To their horror, the stoner and his friends discovered they were dry. The stoner sent a message to his dealer, and his dealer replied that he had trees if they could make the trek. So they drove through the snow until they reached a telephone pole that […]

13. The Seat of Highest Honor is to the Right

While the stoner packed a bowl in a small blue pipe, a circle of friends gathered around him. But the stoner saw his friends crowd to his left, and this made him sad. “You have heard it said, ‘Left is law,’ but you have learned the wrong lesson. Do not serve yourselves, but the circle.” […]

12. Know What to Say to the Cops

The stoner rolled a joint of his finest trees and brought it to a party.  There, a circle of friends gathered around him, and he passed the joint to the left. Each person took two puffs and passed, and the joint had just made it back to the stoner when the cops arrived. The stoner’s […]

11. Share Your Trees Freely

Seven of the stoner’s friends arrived at his apartment and gathered in a circle around his table. The stoner took out his bag of trees and opened it, and everyone was dismayed when they saw he had but a single nug. A friend said, “Do not smoke us out. For there is not enough for […]