8. There is No Best Way to Climb

A friend of the stoner asked him, “What is the best way to climb?”

The stoner replied, “Let me tell you a story,” and this was it:

A man was walking down the street, smoking a blunt. He passed a man who was smoking a joint, and the joint smoker thought, “Blunts ruin the taste of trees. That’s why joints are the best way to climb.”

A woman saw the joint smoker pass by her window and remarked to her friends, “You never get high when you smoke a joint. That’s why bongs are the best way to climb.” She took a deep rip from her bong and passed it to a friend. The friend took the bong and a rip while he thought, “Smoking from a bong burns so many trees. That’s why pipes are the best way to climb.”

That night, he told his roommate his preference, and the roommate said, “Smoking from a pipe is unhealthy. A vaporizer is the best way to climb.”

And while the roommate was taking a hit from his vaporizer, the man with the blunt passed by outside and thought, “Smoking with a vaporizer is unnatural. A blunt is the best way to climb.”

While the stoner told this story, he ground up trees to make butter for brownies. And as he poured the trees into the butter, he said, “Do not judge a person for how they smoke, for this is not open, nor restrict yourself to one way, for this is not free. And the 8th Rule of Thumb says, There is no best way to climb.

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