2. The Nature of All Glass is to Break

An old friend visited the stoner, and the stoner said, “I have not seen you in forever. Let me smoke you out.”

So the stoner got his bong, and he poured fresh water into it. He took out a bag of trees and sprinkled them into the bowl of the bong. Then he took ice from his freezer and loaded the ice catch. He picked up the bong. It was beautiful and heavy and cold. The stoner had smoked out of this bong more than 420 times, and he had always enjoyed it.

He handed the bong to his friend, and his friend put a lighter to the bowl and took a deep rip. When he exhaled, he coughed, and he dropped the bong. It shattered on the ground.

“I’ll pay for that,” the friend said.

The stoner replied, “No, for the 2nd Rule of Thumb states, The nature of all glass is to break. It was good that you offered, but since you were just smoking — you were not swinging the bong around, nor being reckless, nor using it without my permission — I will not accept, for then our friendship would not be free.”

The stoner retrieved another piece, and he loaded another bowl, and the two friends smoked. They talked about life and food and the 420 Code. They had much fun and left on good terms.

Later that week, the stoner received a package in the mail. Inside the package was a beautiful triple-bubbler with a note. The stoner read the note, but it was private and will be kept secret for now.

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