11. Share Your Trees Freely

Seven of the stoner’s friends arrived at his apartment and gathered in a circle around his table. The stoner took out his bag of trees and opened it, and everyone was dismayed when they saw he had but a single nug.

A friend said, “Do not smoke us out. For there is not enough for all of us, and when we are gone, there will be none for you.”

But the stoner smiled and began to divide the trees among the seven pipes.

Because he was giving them this charity, they listened to him speak. “You have heard it said, ‘Repay trees with trees,’ but this is not free, for even the potheads trade trees for trees, neither losing nor gaining a puff. Instead, share with anyone who wishes to partake, and do not concern yourself with your reward. For this is the 11th Rule of Thumb: Share your trees freely.”

A friend objected, “But people will take advantage of us.”

“Then let yourself be taken advantage of,” the stoner replied. “For you will not reform a person by debt, but by charity: those to whom you have given will see the light of your lighters and will turn to the 420 Code.”

The friend said, “And if they don’t?”

The stoner leaned back from his seven pipes, and his friends saw that every bowl was filled. Each of the friends took a pipe and smoked, and they all got high, and they marvelled at his wisdom.

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