1. Corner the Bowl

The stoner sat in the passenger seat and packed a bowl. His friends sat in the other seats and watched his fingers pull apart the trees and place them in his pipe.

Cornered Boquet

When he was done, he passed the pipe to the back seat, and he said, “Do you know about the tragedy of the bowl?”

A few of his friends nodded.

“Please explain it to me.”

A friend in the back seat replied, “The tragedy of the bowl is when a pipe is passed around a circle and only enjoyed by the first few smokers, while the rest get only ash.”

“And how may this tragedy be avoided?” the stoner asked.

One friend suggested, “Have everyone bring their own trees?”

The stoner laughed at this and shook his head and said, “The tragedy of the bowl may be avoided by remembering the 1st Rule of Thumb: Corner the bowl. By lighting only the edge of the trees, enough green will be saved for all.”

One of his friends said, “But only good smokers will do this. And while they are honest, others will burn the entire bowl and take everything for themselves!”

The pipe made it back to the stoner. He looked down into the bowl to see how much or how little was left.

When he knew the answer, he smiled, and he said, “You do not get high by how much you smoke, but by how much you smoke by the 420 Code.”

Read the second rule of thumb.