6. Balance Indica and Sativa

The stoner said, “Two natures arise from the substance of trees: indica and sativa. The Metaphysics says more about this, but I will not bore you with the details.”

The stoner explained this to a cat while rolling a joint on the couch. The cat stared up at the stoner from the carpet of the small, stuffy, hot apartment.

They were not alone.

“The nature of indica is to be and reflect. The nature of sativa is to do and think. Neither is bad except to excess.”

The cat looked around the room.

“This friend has an excess of indica.” The stoner gestured to a friend who was asleep on the couch.

“This friend has an excess of sativa.” He gestured to a friend pacing around the room.

“As for me, I observe myself and remain balanced, for this is the 6th Rule of Thumb: Balance indica and sativa.”

The cat licked himself while the stoner licked the joint

“Some of my friends object to this, saying that their dealer does not discern, or that both are not always available. But indica and sativa are not strains, but natures, and you may embody either, regardless of which you smoke. Balance is not about planning, but about watching yourself and being mindful while you climb.”

The cat walked away from the stoner. This was good, for cats were bad at climbing trees. They tended to get stuck.

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